Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brrrrrr...Not! At least not yet

Wondering if we will have a white Christmas or not, it is still sunny during the day and I need a light coat at night because of the chill as we WALK to our destinations on base. Granted, people from places like the Carolina's and Florida are walking around all bundled up like it's cold or something - go figure! Someone even pulled me aside and asked if I was cold; he was all coated up with head gear , etc. as if he was trudging through the Alaskan Wilderness. I said, "No, it's brisk outside but I'm not that cold yet" He shrugged, smiled and walked away. Oh well, I have my thousands of dollars of US issued cold weather gear stashed under my bed; just waiting to put it on and look like an Eskimo when the time comes. Can't wait! Just hope I don't have to hit a graffitied port-a-potty when I'm all bundled up. At my age, might not make it!

Teachers and Students: What are the average temperatures for the next three months in both Iraq and Afghanistan - chart it out. Get into groups and divide the US into three, or four, regions and also chart their average temperatures for the next three months. Compare your results with our deployed locations. Dig further, compare all the locations on the globe's latitudinal and longitudinal lines? Does it matter where regions fall on these lines? You could do a lot with this!

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