Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lapis is blue this Christmas

It’s alright to be blue once in a while, even everyday! But on Christmas? Come on Lapis, there are so many things to celebrate, why be blue?

Well for one, YOU CAN”T HELP IT, it’s in your nature! But readers, don’t worry, Lapis is my friend and doing well in Afghanistan. I get to see it every Friday, at the AAFES sponsored bazaar. LN’s or Local Nationals sell their wares and it is a hodge-podge of things Afghanistan. I never knew what Lapis was prior to my deployment, now I am a big fan because of it’s history and unique nature.

You see Lapis is a rock. The PC way to address it is “semi-precious stone”. As you can see by the picture, Lapis is beautiful.

For Teachers: When your students return, have them research the what and where’s of the rock, uhh... I mean “semi-precious stone”. Find other pictures of it, what properties make it valuable? Once done, have them break into groups, choose a country, province or state and have them find out about the region’s unique geology and perhaps what it is famous for. Example being – Afghanistan is known for it’s Lapis.

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  1. The Egyptians used a lot of lapis in their tombs, considering it a precious stone! Certainly a stone with a rich history!

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