Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bathroom humor

As you can imagine, having the luxury of your own bathroom is pretty much non-existent here. Port-a-potties are plentiful as are common-use bathrooms, some better/cleaner than others. Had to laugh when I saw these two signs in the same stall while visiting KAF. The first, on the stall door was a warning by one of the residents. The second, is what I think was the Captain's final straw of disgust after the first sign didn't deter the scoundrel.

Which leads me to graffiti. I see going to our bathrooms and port-a-potties as a cultural adventure. It is a chance to witness expressive, witty, sometimes offensive graffiti, penned by the best and brightest the US has to offer. I'm not amused so much by the statements I read but am amused at thinking of the time someone took to think them up and write them down on a bathroom wall; was it spur of the moment or planned? Who goes around with a Sharpie in their pockets to write this stuff? A side note to my co-workers at home - I've seen some gang tagging and recognized it right away. Jeez, can't even get away from gangs in Afghanistan!

And on and on... from the profane, sexist, humorous, racist, political, pornographic, and witty. From the earliest raw cave drawings to the port-a-potties in a war zone, it appears man/woman must express themselves graphically. (As a caveat, the contractors here DO try to stay on top of things and erase offensive graffiti where they are found.)

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