Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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I've attached three links to news articles for this post - the first article deals with a supply convoy mishap. I can't say I'm surprised by news of death and destruction in a war zone but what was interesting to me were the comments from readers. What do you think?

The other two linked articles deal with the education dilemma in Afghanistan. I had the privilege of being invited to a telephone conference-call with the Ministry of Education's representative dealing with the effort to get textbooks out (safely) to the provinces. It was a very interesting meeting with the different players present, speaking to the Afghan representative and a US-AID rep (who was allocating money to help make this all happen).
What a fascinating process to observe! It is not part of my military job, but getting to know people here, I've shared that I am in education and therefore was invited to unofficially participate. Afghanistan is literally starting from the ground up in getting their school system up and running. From the variety of Ed newsletters I receive, I share relevant education articles with the Education officer - who is not an educator. He is grateful for the heads-up and I am appreciative for the opportunity to watch history take place for the budding education system in Afghanistan. Nice trade-off!

Teachers: Read the above linked articles, then facilitate a discussion with your students concerning the state of education in Afghanistan. Compare it to our education system. Do we take education for granted as opposed to those who would put their lives in danger for the opportunity to attend school and better their plights. Share your comments with us.

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  1. Hi Mark - I am so pleased to be invited to see and respond to your blog. I am having great fun reading your comments and experiencing second-hand what you are going through. I have not yet shown anything to the students, but plan to on Monday. LOVE the picture at the top of the page. It could easily be used for a writing prompt. The connection with the Afghan schools sounds like an interesting opportunity - sort of more Peace-Corps than Army, but we're all in this together, right? The students here are feeling the stress of the season, never a pleasant time to be away from family, so my thoughts will be with you especially in the next couple of weeks. Take care - Susan


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