Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can't wait any longer to thank you all!

If you are reading this back in the States, then this is one, generic, big hug (or a manly shake of your hand for those averse to hugs), and THANK YOU to those selfless, dedicated souls who have chosen (and it is a choice) to take time out of their busy schedules to send those wonderful "Care Packages" to the troops wherever they are deployed. I am awed and humbled by your kindness and more proud than ever to be an American soldier serving our great country. Don't know if you get the thanks you deserve, but here is mine and I'm sure I speak for many.

I won't be able to name everyone, because you are all special in my eye, but here goes - To Iris and her church group from Dayton, OH who continue to sponsor a troop abroad (me), sending packages of yummy, tasty, home-made cookies my way; to Roy Wood Jr., a comedian (someone's gotta make us laugh!), who I e-mailed because I have a funny phone prank he did on my iPod and saw on his website that he supports the troops and sends out FREE CD's if they so request them - which he did; and of course to my family - my wife Anne and the kids, Uncle Frank & Aunt Margaret who sent more than enough goodies to share with my fellow soldiers, and members of the Cuz Buzz who all help give me moral support and know I like music so they sent me a signed Lydia Pense CD as a surprise. And there are more, I know there are other packages on the way.

Joan from Books for Soldiers included a note with a book her organization sent which partly reads: ..."The US Military makes my family and me very proud. We are thankful for the job you do and we are aware everyday how dangerous it is. You are stopping the threat to our country before it gets here. You are protecting my right to vote, to drive a car, have a gun, read whatever I want, go wherever I please, talk/write to whomever I want to (like now), dress in any way I care to. All the men and women of the military protect and defend me and mine every day. You serve so my family and I can be free. To you and everyone with you, THANK YOU for all that you do to keep us free."... "You are in the unique position to see just how women and men are being denied what we consider basic rights. Whether it is a religious or cultural thing is moot. You are protecting what I consider are my rights. I know that all of you are doing fantastic work. Always remember that you are making a difference. Our family wishes you and your fellow troops a Happy Christmas & Merry New Year." This from a woman I've never met out of NC.

Whether it is family, friends, or strangers; being a civilian teacher back home and being able to experience the many facets of being deployed as a citizen soldier, truly makes me thankful to be an American. I feel the spirit of those back home who help support our troops - what more can I say? Thank You!

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  1. One of our volunteers (from LA) here at PMd me that our link was on your site and that you quoted part of the letter I sent. Thank you. Wish I could give all you guys (I'm including women in that comment) a big hug. I know that sounds kinda of sappy but as I look at pictures from the Middle East/Afghanistan, the thing that most stands out is the women & what their lives must be like. I give thanks every day that I live in the US.
    Haven't read through your entire blog yet, but thanks for sharing and thanks for all you and those with you do every day.
    God bless, take care and stay safe. Joan

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