Sunday, December 14, 2008

Having a chance to reflect...

I want to be useful to teachers, students, and of course interested readers. Why? Because after reading other military blogs, I've seen a lot of "in the streets" or "blow the crap out of the enemy" genre type blogs. Not that that's good or bad; I suppose if that were my job, I'd write about that too. But I am an educator, an aging teacher at that, who happens to be an officer in Afghanistan, so my take is probably a little different from the young men and women securing villages, etc. who are just out of high school or college.

I've never written in this format so part of the challenge of this process is gaining confidence with the writing/sharing I do, not being sure if my observations are relevant to readers. The nice thing about writing is feeling the freedom to post things I would want to know if reading this. So far, I write what I feel and will continue to do so. I am trying to write to a particular audience and want my blog to be useful to those teachers and students who read it.
Oh, did I tell you I visited Kandahar Air Field for a few days?

Teacher and students: Research some other military blogs. There are hundreds if not thousands of them so it should not be a problem. Where would you start? Where was I for a few days, what part of Afghanistan? What is a NATO base? Who occupys a NATO base? Tell me about this region and what the people are like here, is the language the same as that in the north-east? What is Kandahar known for right now?

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