Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Canada

Recently, I heard the sad news that four Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan; in two separate IED incidents.

The news brought to mind an email I received a short time ago from a Canadian citizen who follows me on the social networking site, Twitter. From out of the red, white, and blue wrote Garwood:

"On Twitter you asked me what we Canadians think of war. I cannot speak for everyone of course, but the general consensus is that Canadians are pretty humble, docile people, who would prefer peace to war. Of course we have our military but certainly not the power and the might of your armed forces. We don't have a strong feeling about signing up for God and our country like you do in the United States, and I think that is sadly lacking in Canada. We see your love and enthusiasm for your country, your flag, and your military, and we envy that."

"As with any war, there are many who do not think we should be in Afghanistan or Iraq (some of our men are posted in Iraq) but our Prime Minister has committed us to the middle of 2011. Our armed forces have been primarily peace keepers until we got involved in Afghanistan and this is all out war. We've lost 113 men over there in the last two years. To you and your military families that isn't very many but every loss of life is a tragedy. We cannot imagine here in Canada what it is like to have the numbers of dead and wounded that your military has sustained since this war began. Our hearts go out to the families of those brave men and women."

"My wife and I lost a fellow Winnipeger (that is someone who lives in Winnipeg, our city) in the World Trade Tower collapse on 9/11. My wife and I attended the first memorial service in NYC on 9/11/ 2002. To stand amidst the thousands that gathered at ground zero and talk with them, cry with them, and wave the American Flag with them was an experience I will never forget. Yes, Canada could take lessons on patriotism from the US. My wife and I have travelled throughout your great country and we love it."

As evidenced by the message, not all people dislike Americans, as our biased media, and some fellow citizens would have you believe; fretting at their whine and dine elitist parties about the state we're in. How chic, à la Hollywood style!

Quite frankly, I'm not too concerned about those who don't "like" us. So what, who cares? I've always been amazed at those who worry about that sort of thing; our perceived reputation. I've never believed what the media, and others, claimed was a generic distrust/dislike by foreigners towards the US. Garwood helped reaffirm that for me, as I hope it does for you.

His message is indicative of what I believe people throughout the world REALLY think of us. Garwood's humble message should be shared, shouted from the rooftops, and spread throughout our schools, so as to foster and instill the love and pride we continue to have for our great nation.

I was moved by the above email, and wanted to share it with you. How interesting, to have a Canadian so eloquently say, what most of our politicians won't, about the US as a nation!


  1. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Canadian soldiers' families. Garwood seems to be a pretty special person. Thanks for sharing his comment.

  2. Bonnie ford. Thank you for your sincerity. I twittered this @cbonnieford

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