Monday, December 29, 2008

It must be Malaria Monday!

If I didn't have it on my calendar, I would forget about it. I would like to forget about it but it IS a requirement and in my opinion, worth it. What I am talking about is the necessity to take a Malaria pill once every week while in-country. Don't feel left out, if you end up traveling to a country that has the potential for malaria, you will enjoy taking the white tablets too. It is not just for the military. I have not had any of the typical manufacturer warning side effects that are described on the label. No upset stomach, I don't take it before bedtime therefore, no "strange" dreams. There are others, but it's not important - to you.

My smallpox vaccination is healing nicely, thank you. It did exactly what the lab technician said it would do: get red in the affected area, pus up, and then scab before healing into a small scar. I'm waiting for the small scar part. Since I don't have tattoos, I will consider the scar my first and only "tattoo" from deploying. I didn't even have to drink and pay a lot of money to get it! It was a freebie.

Oh, and after I arrived, I was due my last Anthrax shot. I got my notice in an email to report to the clinic to obtain my final shot. It was quick and painless, although sore for a couple of days afterwards.

Fortunately, I have not had any side effects that have caused me alarm. I am somwhat hesitant to subject my body to vaccinations, but understand the necessity to take precautions "just in case". I guess I should be thankful I am not part of some secret LSD type experiment!

Teachers: With your students, research Malaria, Smallpox and Anthrax from the military point of view and the civilian point of view. Biology teachers can get into the effects on the body, chemistry teachers can research the chemical makeup and history of the development of each vaccination. What are the pros and cons of each vaccination and why are they mandated?

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