Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dreaming of a better tomorrow?

When I am eating at the dining facility, the employed Local Nationals, or LN's, walk up and down the aisles waiting for people to finish eating so they can prep the table for the next diners. I can't help but notice that the LN's glance at the big screen TVs situated throughout the facility and observe what is showing on Armed Forces Network (AFN).

I find it interesting because they watch what is being shown as if it is all new to them. Duh! You say? They see a variety of news, sports, entertainment, documentaries, TV series, movies, etc. and I see a sense of wide eyed marvel, (or is it curiosity?), about what they are viewing. These are people who may not have TVs and who look at the affluence of modern societies as depicted on the TV screens.

I wonder if they watch the TVs and think about their culture and their country's future? Are they dreaming of a better tomorrow while I, a US citizen, dream about what 2009 holds for me as I continue my deployment. I see a striking contrast. With that being said, Happy New Year from Afghanistan.

Teachers: Describe the scene and ask students to discuss what they think the LN may be "dreaming" about. What are the contrasts in our respective cultures? Research AFN. What is it? What programming do they offer the troops who are deployed?


  1. Granted, didn't sift through the fine print too closley but what gender might you be?!

  2. If you have a dining facility, then you must be on one of the bigger FOB's.

    No matter where you are in Afghanistan, stay safe!

  3. Thank you both for your comments, I am male and yes am at an air field, there are several DFACS. Will travel to some of the smaller FOB's before I leave.

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