Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Month Gone By

Today's date marks my one month anniversary for "boots on ground". So far it has been very educational and although we are considered to be in a war zone, we feel the relative safety of living on a base and all that comes with it. Finding a routine is the challenge for those of us not in transit. Working your assigned job everyday, working out, eating, recreational activities, did I say eating? and using your time wisely is what helps get you through being away from home and loved ones.

I feel I have had time to acclimate, although there is still much more to learn about my environment, so I am feeling somewhat comfortable with my surroundings. Meeting new people is a constant cultural adventure, and might I add, people are from all over the world whether they are soldiers or civilian contractors supporting the base.

Here is something for your students: At the dining facilities, I often sit next to someone of a different culture/nationality. How would you say hello/goodbye in Polish? French? Albanian? etc. Research who our coalition forces are and come up with a list of languages to greet people to share with your classmates. Consider dividing yourself into small groups and choose a coalition partner you can find facts on such as: What does the country (flag) patch every soldier wears on their sleeve look like? What does their uniform look like? I'm sure you can come up with some interesting facts about a variety of cultures represented here. Good luck!

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